Stone Soup Vocabulary/Spelling

A'ravyn looks over the vocabulary using PowerPoint.

Using key vocabulary words to comprehend what we read is an important part of the third grade curriculum. Today, in small groups, we reviewed our vocabulary using a PowerPoint to guide the lesson. One of our vocabulary words is banquet. The students defined the word, composed a sentence using the word, and discussed how the word relates to our story. We discussed what foods we would like to eat if we attended a Chinese banquet just as the villagers and monks did in Stone Soup. 

A’ravyn Stowes said that she would like these foods at the banquet:

  • Rice
  • Noodles
  • Fortune Cookies
  • Egg Drop Soup

A’ravyn’s sentence for banquet was: They had a banquet that everyone enjoyed.

Good job A’ravyn!

Lesson 9 Spelling Words:

spray, street, sprint, stripe, screen, strong, spring, stray, scream, strike, spread, string, sprout, scratch, stream, strangers, describe, strength, destroy, instruct


Dense – when something is made of things that are close together, it is dense.

Reaction – A response to something that happens is a reaction.

Ingredients – Ingredients are all the foods and spices that you use to make a certain kind of food.

Momentum – If an action or idea grows quickly and is hard to stop, it has momentum.

Famine – When there is a famine, there is not enough food to feed everyone.

Generous – People who are generous are happy to share with others.

Curiosity – Something that is called a curiosity is something odd or unusual that interest people.

Gaze – A gaze is a long look at something.

Agreeable – Something that is agreeable is pleasing to the senses.

Banquet – If you are going to a banquet, you are going to a special meal that will have a large amount of food.

Study the spelling and vocabulary. The test on lesson 9 will be Wednesday. Have a great weekend!


DES 3rd Grade Homework

During my internship at DES I will use this blog to keep parents / guardians updated on what we are doing in class. Today we took our Lesson 8 Assessment in reading. On Wednesday we will begin a new lesson in our Story Town curriculum. The lesson is Lesson 9 / Stone Soup.

I will post a list of new spelling and vocabulary words for this lesson very soon. Your child will be bringing a list home. Students should read part of the story each day as well as study their spelling and vocabulary.

Tonight’s Homework:

(Students were given time to complete these assignments in class. If they did not finish, they were to finish the assignment for homework.)

  • Language / Grammar Page 85 #25-40
  • Math Page 148-149 #1-29 and Study Multiplication
  • Social Studies Worksheet
  • We will have a multiplication test on Friday (0-4 facts)

Thank you for the opportunity to be a part of your child’s educational journey!