Active engagement is essential to student success.

I believe there are three key words that are essential to educating our students: engage, equip, and empower. These three words are just the components; they must be joined together with real “work”. Reading about engagement strategies does no good unless we put the research to work! Through this blog we will analyze these 3Es and give tips on how to make them work in our classrooms.

Engage! Engage! Engage!

Just this week, I met with the 3rd grade staff at my school. We discussed the changes we have implemented this year. A veteran teacher spoke of the difference in student engagement this year as compared to years in the past. She believes that the strategies we have put in place to intentionally engage our students is the #1 key to the success her students are having. I agree that this one component is essential for today’s students.

So, what are we doing to engage our students?

We will get to that in our follow-up posts. First, I want to share a link with you about this topic from one of my favorite resources, Edutopia.

Golden Rules for Student Engagement