mathI am the reading specialist at a rural, Tallapoosa County school. Prior to becoming the reading specialist, I had the pleasure of teaching alongside an amazing math machine. That machine’s name is Mrs. Lauren Squires.

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Squires Mario Math Project

Here are a few comments from my friend and colleague about her instructional philosophy:

“It is my goal as an educator to plan meaningful, purposeful, and ENGAGING lessons that capture the minds of my students. I love nothing more than to see my students applying skills they have learned throughout the unit.”

Read on to experience her vision for Super Mario Math:

“My plans for the Super Mario Classroom Transformation are to have students participate in a real life video game experience. They will be split into teams with one common goal… complete all of the levels to save Princess Peach! Students will work through grade level, multi step math problems during each level of the “game.” Each level will progressively become more rigorous. The materials requested in this project allow me to truly transform my classroom into a land of excitement and exploration where students apply math skills to solve problems.”

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