March Madness in Reading

Mrs. Wilson has gone mad this March! She is only giving ONE HOMEWORK ASSIGNMENT for the ENTIRE month!

That’s right! Students are to choose one novel that they have not previously read. They must have their novel approved by Mrs. Wilson by Monday, March 7th. Students will read the novel and complete one novel project assignment by April 4th. Mrs. Wilson is giving 3 novel project options for students to choose from. This is a fun homework assignment, but students must take it seriously and start working now. You must BEGIN WITH THE END IN MIND! Have a plan. If you read the novel in the first 2 weeks, then you have 2 weeks left to work on the assignment. None of these options can be done in a rush. Each option requires you to actually read the novel. Each option requires work that will take more than one night to complete. START NOW!

See options below:


Math Reminder: There is a Chapter 6 Test Monday!

A Seussational Project & Student-Led Conferences

SLCWOW! I have a lot to cover in one blog post.

First Things First: Student-led conferences are this week. Parents made appointments back in January to meet with their DES Student-Leader. On Friday, students took home reminder cards about this very important date!

Begin With the End in Mind: Back in January, 5th graders wrote letters to colleges all across the country explaining how they were learning to set BIG goals now. They requested college admissions information and a pennant representing the college or university to display at DES. This week, the college and universities started responding in BIG ways. They sent information, pennants, bracelets, notebooks, pens, and even book bags. The most touching is that many admissions officers are taking the time to write personal notes of encouragement to our 5th graders!

pennants1  pennants2.JPG

Public Speaking: Several of our 5th graders participated in the Tallapoosa County 4-H Public Speaking Contest last week. They did a great job! One student left before Mrs. Smith got to snap this great picture! We are proud of you!


Homework / Project:



Important Information

logoThis week, the 5th grade will finish up taking the ACT Aspire Prep Assessments. These are like mini-practice tests for the real thing. The 5th grade has taken the Reading, Math, and Science. We only have a few students left who still have to take their assessment.

These assessments have given students and teachers a snapshot of what skills have been mastered so far and what areas of weakness we need to focus on between now and the end of school. We are blessed to have this tool in our school system. We feel hopeful that this assessment tool will enable us to better and identify grade level and school-wide areas that are in need of improvement.

Reading Class: Reading Learning Log #3 is to be completed and turned in on Friday. We will have a reading comprehension test Friday.

Math: LOOK for Mrs. Squires’ newsletter. It contains IMPORTANT test information.

Social Studies: Vocabulary Test Wednesday

Science: Test Wednesday