This Week’s Important Information / Test Date

practicebookpicThis week’s homework is Practice Book pages 33-36. All of your answers must be written in complete sentences. This assignment is due Friday.

The 5th grade will have a reading comprehension test on Friday. The test will focus on sequence, cause/effect, and greek root words.

The information below details the focus of our reading this week. Parents, check reading folders for more information.


On Top of the World / Homework Information & Online Gaming

worldI’m on top of the world! The first full week of school was a success!

Am I literally on top of the world? Of course not, that expression is an idiom.

An idiom is a commonly used expression whose meaning does not relate to the literal meaning of the words. Idioms are classified as figurative language, which is the use of words in an unusual or imaginative manner.

Here is a cute video that illustrates the actual meaning of this commonly used idiom.

Have you ever heard or used this idiom?

spilled the beans

This is a link to some online games that focus on idioms.

Our first reading comprehension test will be Friday, August 21st. To prepare for your test read, read, and read some more. There is no way to “study” for a reading comprehension test in 5th grade, but here are some things the test will focus on:

  1. Be able to recognize the sequence of events in the text.
  2. Be able to identify the main problem / conflict in the text.
  3. Be able to use context clues to determine the meaning of unfamiliar words.
  4. Be able to explain the meaning of common idioms or use context clues to determine the meaning.

practicebookpicHomework: Practice Book Pages 13-17 in Complete Sentences Due Friday / READ . . . The #1 Key to Reading Success is to READ. DON’T LIMIT YOURSELF to 5th grade level books. Expand your mind by reading news articles or informational magazines such as TIME or National Geographic. If your parents or grandparents have old encyclopedias around, read those. They are packed with knowledge and the text will challenge your brain!

The Wonders of Reading / HW Information

practicebookpicAugust 10th begins our first full week of school for the 2015-2016 school year. The 5th grade will explore the wonders of reading with McGraw-Hill’s Wonders curriculum. Students will receive their Practice Books on Monday.

Reading Homework: Practice Book Pages 3 – 6 (answer in complete sentences)

The class will also begin its first novel study of the year, Wonder by R. J. WonderNovelCoverPalacio. This instantly becomes a favorite of every person who reads this moving, thought-provoking novel. Here is a preview:


Did you know that the Smithsonian Institution was founded on August 10, 1846?

The Smithsonian Institution was established with funds from James Smithson (1765-1829), a British scientist who left his estate to the United States to found “at Washington, under the name of the Smithsonian Institution, an establishment for the increase and diffusion of knowledge.”


The Vision & Mission / DES 5th Grade

mission2A class mission statement is an important part of the Leader in Me program at DES.

A class mission statement sets a clear focus for who we are, who we strive to be, and what it will take to reach our goals.

Students began the process on the first day of school by imagining and then describing what a Leader in Me School should be like. They imagined what it would look like, the sounds they would hear, the attitudes of students/staff, and what it would feel like to attend a school like the one they imagined.Martin

MorganToday they took that information and drafted mission statements independently. After that, students formed cooperative groups and compiled one mission statement together. At the end of the day, we ended up with twenty-five amazing mission statements. From those twenty-five, students will draft one mission statement that reflects the vision and mission of the fifth grade class at DES.

Below is one example: