alice paulIn January 1917, a group of women marched silently in front of the White House.  Each carried a banner asking for the right to vote.  One banner read, “Mr. President, how long must we wait for liberty?”  These women, called Silent Sentinels, picketed outside the White House almost every day for eighteen months.  Passersby attacked the women and called them names, but the demonstrators continued their silent march.

These women were the first ever to protest in front of the White House.  Their leader was a brave young woman named Alice Paul.  This week, one of our text selections will be a short biography about this remarkable woman.

I like to read for pleasure. I can escape into a good book for days.  Getting lost in this manner is a joy, but I also want my students to realize the importance of reading to learn.  We can read to learn about history or science and how both of those subjects impact on our own lives.

This week’s text selections will focus on two famous women and even one text about economics.  Reading to learn is just as important as reading for enjoyment.

Here is a little information about Alice Paul:

Reading HW: Practice Book Pages 173-176 Due Friday