Do you have any idea why this doctor is dressed this way?
Do you have any idea why this doctor is dressed this way?

This week’s reading will focus on this essential question:

How do we explain what happened in the past?

I chuckle at this week’s essential question because it is a question that I do get asked by 5th graders. This is a hard concept for students born into the video age. They wonder how do we know if we don’t have pictures, video, etc. This is a teachable moment that I use explore the value of primary and secondary sources in reading class.

Our reading this week will help answer this essential question. We will read how historians have used burial records, explored abandoned villages, and primary sources form the 1300s to help us better understand the bubonic plague and its impact on Europe.

We will also discover how archaeologists study ancient artifacts at Mesa Verde National Park to learn about the people who once inhabited the Cliff Palace.

I love this week’s text selections and you will too!


Practice Book Page 147 Due Wednesday / Work on the February Poetry Project

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