The Boy Who Drew Birds

summer red bird 2This week we will focus on reading a biography. We will read a short biography about John James Audubon.

Here is an introduction to young Mr. Audubon:
“It was true that John James could skate, hunt, and ride better than most boys. True also that he could dance the minuet and gavotte as if he had been born a king. He could fiddle, he could flirt, he could fence. But what he liked to do best, from sunup to sundown, was watch birds.”

This week’s lesson will focus on the elements of a biography and citing evidence from the text to prove that the chosen text is indeed a biography. The lesson will also focus on using context clues to determine the meaning of unfamiliar words and use those words in our own writing.

This video is an introduction to Audubon’s work:

Reading Homework (Due Friday): Practice Book Page 71. You must answer in COMPLETE sentences!

Classwork / Test: We will have daily classwork for a grade that will culminate with a quiz on Friday. If you are absent, please see me during PE to make up missed classwork.