download (1)What in the world do Fort Toulouse and the peanut have in common? They are both important to Alabama and important to 5th grade this week!

The 5th grade will attend Alabama Frontier Days on Wednesday at Fort Toulouse. To learn more follow this link:

The 5th grade will also begin a mini-research project on the peanut. The class will research the peanut, its nutritional value, various uses, and economic impact on Alabama. Students will write an essay detailing their research findings. This is a project grade for the DES 5th grade and part of the 4-H Essay Writing Award Program.

Reading Homework:

Monday & Tuesday – Read Information in Writing Project Packet

Wednesday – FIELD DAY

Thursday – Begin writing “Sloppy Copy”

Friday – Write “Sloppy Copy” and finish page 65 in Practice Book

The “Sloppy Copy” of your essay is due Monday the 10th. You will be participating in a peer edit activity on that day. The final copy is due Thursday the 13th.