It is hard to pick what to blog about this week. The 5th grade at DES has been busy, busy, busy!


20141026_112940Students completed an Auburn / Alabama writing project that will be on display in our hall. They had20141026_112917 to compose a detailed paragraph about how either Auburn or Alabama use the 7 Habits to be successful teams. Here are two examples written by Grayson K. and Lane S.:

Students were excited to read about history in their reading class this week. They read about the mystery of Roanoke, the settlement of Jamestown, and two primary source documents written by John Smith in 1608 and 1624. Students also analyzed the lyrics to Disney’s “Colors of the Wind” featured in the movie, Pocahontas. The class learned about personification and identified examples of personification in the lyrics.


The 5th grade reading class wrapped up the week by writing a letter to Disney. After reading John Smith’s account of his experiences with the Powhatan Indians and viewing clips of the Disney movie, students chose one of two viewpoints:

I agree with Disney’s portrayal of John Smith and Pocahontas.(OR) I disagree with Disney’s portrayal of John Smith and Pocahontas.

20141026_113047The purpose of the assignment was for students to back up their point of view by citing evidence20141026_113111 from our primary sources and historical information they learned in social studies class. We composed the first paragraph as a whole group. The second paragraph was on their own. Students wrote their letters, checked for errors, made edits and wrote revisions. Here is one example from Andie R.:

Academic rigor can still be entertaining!

Reading Homework: (M) Practice Book page 45 and Learning Log pages; (T) Finish ALL Learning Log pages; (W-F) Read for AR points (We will be testing in reading class on Wednesday and Friday)


Students made terrariums in Mr. Blue’s room. Here is a picture of some of the final products.


Social Studies:

The 5th grade is still conducted a community service project through our Auburn / Alabama Dollar Drive for the East Alabama Food Bank. Help us out! The food bank can provide 7 meals for every $1 we donate. All donations can be turned in during Mrs. Smith’s class.


Mrs. Squires is now sending home a math newsletter each week. Make sure you ask your student about it. She also sends it out via e-mail. To get on that e-mail list, contact Dr. Dark at

All Classes:

This is the cover of our 5th grade leadership notebooks. You will hear more about these in the future!

20141024_101237Student Sneak Peek:

What is your viewpoint? Do genetically modified foods benefit the world?