niEEE9xiAWelcome back from Fall Break! 

In reading class we will be completing lesson four with a test on Wednesday. We have a little work left to do in our Learning Logs. The Learning Log is due Wednesday before your test.

We will begin a writing project this week. The writing process is an important part of becoming a good writer. You will use the writing process in every writing project you have this year. This video will help you learn about the writing process:

Reading Homework: Monday – Review Study Notes in Learning Log;  Tuesday – Finish ALL work in Learning Log;  Wednesday – TEST DAY;  Thursday & Friday – Writing Project

science-clip-art-1Science News: Students need to bring a CLEAR 2 liter soda bottle to class for a project. Please wash out the bottle before bringing it to class.

Social Studies News: You can provide 7 meals for $1 by donating to our Dollar Drive for the East Alabama Food Bank. Please bring all donations to social studies class. Let’s see how many meals we can provide for citizens in East Alabama!

-math-clipart-1Math News: Mrs. Squires e-mails out a newsletter every week. If you are not getting this e-mail, please have Dr. Dark add you to his 5th grade e-mail list. You can e-mail him at

Leadership News: Make sure you have a 3 rings binder for your Leadership Notebook. You will also need tab dividers. If you can being those too, it would be great!