AMSTI, Totem Poles, & Important Information for 5th Grade at DES

20140924_112119I have some things to share with you from Mr. Blue’s class and Mrs. Smith’s class!

This first picture is of Chadie F. She brought in her x-rays to share with the science class. It looks like she may have had a talk with “Mr. Bones” about her broken bone!

Mr. Blue uses AMSTI resources in his class. AMSTI is the Alabama Math, Science, and Technology Initiative.  It is the Alabama Department of Education’s initiative to improve math and science teaching statewide.  Its mission is to provide all students in Grades K-12 with the knowledge and skills needed for success in the workforce and/or postsecondary studies (college and career ready).

It looks like they had fun! Mr. Blue will share more about this as the year progresses.

20140923_111432 20140923_111446


The following pictures are from Mrs. Smith’s Social Studies project. Each year the 5th grade completes their Native American Unit of Study by making totem poles. They did a great job. Their work is on display in our front entrance.




We will begin Lesson 4 of Unit 1. The text will focus on sequence and determining the meaning of unfamiliar words using the Greek root of the word. Students will be receiving a new Learning Log. These Learning Logs are due the day of the test for a grade. To help your student succeed, review the study notes in the Learning Log and the Practice Book pages that are assigned as homework.

Homework (Reading):  Monday – Learning Log HW page & Practice Book page 31;  Tuesday – Learning Log page & Read Practice Book pages 33 – 34; Wednesday – Make sure to finish the Learning Log page; Thursday – Practice Book answer #1 – 3 on page 35

Mr. Blue’s Science Announcements: Science Test Tuesday; Grading Notebooks on Thursday and Friday

IMG_00385th Grade Leadership Project: The 5th grade has started a project to raise funds for the East Alabama Food Bank. You will hear more about this later in the week. For every $1 we bring in, we can provide 7 meals. How many meals can we provide? Being a leader includes helping others. Help us by donating $1 to our cause. Students can turn in funds during Social Studies class.

Fuzzy Math??? / This Week’s HW & Important Information

standardAlabama began to implement new Math standards three years ago. Two years ago brought about new changes in the Reading/Language Arts standards. In my class, I find that students are embracing the new standards. There is a little adjusting, but they are already responding to their reading in amazing ways through writing!

The Alabama State Dept. of Ed. has set up a few new tools to help parents understand the new standards. One tool is “Standard of the Week”. This gives an example of what the standard should look like in practice within our classrooms and helps explain the expectations we are setting for Alabama’s students.

This was last week’s College & Career Ready Standard of the week.


Mrs. Squires found a great article from USA Today about the new math standards. It is worth the read:

This Week’s Reading HW:

Monday – Practice Book Pages 23 – 25 Answer #1-3 Only

Tuesday – Finish up HW page in Learning Log

Wednesday – TEST DAY / Completed Learning Logs are Due

Thursday – Read for AR Points

Friday – Read for AR Points

Begin With the End in Mind / Weekly HW Information / Homecoming Week

20140912_153314I love to share the wonderful things going on in the 5th grade hall at DES! This week, Mrs. Smith conducted a lesson about beginning with the end in mind. This is an important leadership skill. You are never too young to start planning your future. She had students create silhouettes filled with their “End in Mind.” Great job 5th grade!



photo (2)5th Grade Totem Pole Projects are due Tuesday in Mrs. Smith’s class.

In reading we will have a test on Tuesday that covers Problem / Solution and Idioms. The pages in your Practice Book for Unit 1 Lesson 2 (pg. 13, 14, 15 & 17) are a great review for your test!

Wednesday we will begin Unit 1 Lesson 3. The focus for Lesson 3 will be Cause/Effect & Homographs. I have designed a Learning Log to give students that accompanies lesson 3. Students will be responsible for keeping up with this learning log. The material in the learning log (along with their Practice Book) will help them prepare for testing. This Learning Log will be turned  in on the morning of their lesson 3 test for a GRADE.

The Homograph Song:

Reading Class Homework: 

Monday & EVERY Day – Read for AR Points

Tuesday – None (Test Day)

Wednesday – Worksheets in the NEW Learning Log

Thursday – Read pages 23 & 24 in Practice Book (do not answer questions)

Friday – Read for AR Points

1121393-Homecoming** HOMECOMING **

This week is homecoming for the Dadeville Tigers. DES will dress up. Our dress up schedule is as follows:

Monday – Pajama Day (must be appropriate for school)

Tuesday – Favorite Team Day

Wednesday – Favorite Character Day (dress up as favorite TV. movie, or book character)

Thursday – Throwback Thursday (dress up to honor your favorite decade)

Friday – Spirit Day

What’s the Problem? / Homework Information

Question-MarkWe survived our first big reading test! I hope to send home all of the tests to be signed Tuesday.

This week our reading will focus on identifying the problem (conflict) and the solution (resolution) in a story. We will focus on how characters respond to conflict and events that lead to the story’s resolution. Our 5th grade CCR Standards state the students should be able to explain how characters respond to conflict (RL.5.2)

Our vocabulary this week will focus on determining the meaning of idioms. Check out this video lesson:


Monday – Practice Book pg. 11

Tuesday & Wednesday – Worksheet

Thursday – Practice Book pg. 16

EVERY NIGHT – Read for the Reading Challenge

We Dream BIG in 5th Grade / Weekly Homework Information

20140829_151738This past week we started working in our new Wonders reading curriculum, but we took a break from that on Thursday to connect ELA (English Language Arts) to history. On Thursday we read a biography of Dr. Martin Luther King in honor of him delivering his “I Have a Dream” speech on that very day in 1963. We discussed his BIG dream, his belief in the power of BIG words, and our own BIG dreams. It was a great day of connecting reading to history!





This coming week we will wrap up lesson one and have a test on Thursday. The test will focus on using context clues to determine the meaning of new words and recognizing the sequence of events in a text selection.

This video link can help with context clues:


Tuesday and Wednesday – Worksheet and Reading Challenge (AR Points)

Thursday and Friday – Reading Challenge (Reading Novels for AR Points)