erikweihenmayerWe have been in school a total of 8 days. The 5th grade students have already been busy, busy!

Students worked on mini-autobiographies the very first day of school. Their mini-autobiographies are written inside the pronoun “I” and surrounded by artwork that reveals their personality, hobbies, and hopes.


Students were also introduced to close reading. The 5th grade conducted close reads of both literary and informational text. Samples of their work already fill our hallway.




The 5th grade wrapped up on Friday with an inspirational video from the Leader in Me about Erik Weihenmayer and his expedition to the summit of Mt. Everest. He is the only blind person to ever reach the summit of Mount Everest. Students discussed how Erik’s team used the 7 Habits to reach the summit. The class conducted a close read of an informational text about Mt. Everest, answered text dependent questions, and composed group responses about using the 7 Habits to master 5th grade College and Career Ready Standards.



We all have challenges to overcome. We all have our own “Mt. Everest” to climb. Using the 7 Habits can help us reach our own summits!


Everyday: Read in your novel for our reading challenge!

Monday: Finish pg.1 of the Practice Book

Tuesday: Do pgs. 3 – 5 of the Practice Book #1, 2, & 3

Wednesday: Do pg. 6 of the Practice Book

Thursday: Read for the reading challenge!

Friday: Read for the reading challenge!

*We will NOT have a reading test until next week.