Cafe3We had another successful CAFE ELA today!

At “C” students read an informational text about matter. This text passage corresponded with their 5th grade science class.

At “A” students worked with Mrs. Wilson to analyze a portion of the text, identify vital vocabulary, and determine the meaning of vital vocabulary words.

At “F” students chose a book from today’s selection to read. They logged their reading progress in the CAFE Log.

At “E” students worked in groups to expand their grammar skills by playing Education Galaxy on the iPad.

I wondered how students felt about CAFE ELA. I asked the last class of the day to answer two questions:

Why do you like Monday’s CAFE ELA? What has been “different” about your 5th grading reading class?

These were a few of their responses:

I like Monday’s CAFE ELA because we can move around the room and do different things. We can play on the iPad. Another reason I like it is because we synergize. (P. Fourtenbary. – DES 5th Grader)

I like Monday’s CAFE because I get to learn and have fun at the same time. I can work on my AR goal and play on the iPad. (K. Hall – DES 5th Grader)

I like Monday’s ELA CAFE because we move around and have different things to do.  We don’t get bored.  (L. Dunn – DES 5th Grader)

Something is different about this reading class. We get to move around. We have fun things to do but we learn. (K. Sands – DES 5th Grader)

The 5th grade reading class is fun.  It is hard, but Mrs. Wilson is sweet. (K. Slaughter – DES 5th Grader)

This class is different because we don’t just read out of a reading book. I like that. We get to read novels and other fun stuff. (P. Fourtenbary – DES 5th Grader)

In 5th grade reading we get to talk, have fun, and still learn.  We have never been able to do that before. This class is not boring. (K. Hall – DES 5th Grader)

Most of these responses are referring to the various instructional methods we incorporate each day. For example: turn and talk. During turn and talk students are often discussing a response to a question I have asked. I love to hear the answer they have “synergized” to compose. The group leader delivers their answer to the whole group.

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