CAFEOne of the great things about a class blog is that parents can get a “sneak peek” at what we do in class. Today we had ELA CAFE. This instructional method has 4 sections. Students move from section to section completing the task at each section. Students have a CAFE Log to journal their work in for the day. During CAFE students work independently, with a partner, with a small group, and conference with the teacher. As their teacher, it is great to hear them explaining their reasoning to each other in partner and group time. It is amazing to watch the small groups celebrate when they score well on the iPad game they were assigned.

At “C” – Students read an informational text about Dr. Seuss, summarized the main idea, and made inferences based on the text.

At “A” – Students cross checked answers and worked together to answer questions about homographs.

At “F” – Students read a book from the daily selection and took AR tests on their chosen book. (Most of today’s choices were by Patricia Pollaco)

At “E” – Students expanded their vocabulary by working on an iPad App assignment.

ELA CAFE was a Win-Win today! Great job 5th grade!