logoThe countdown is on. We have 8 weeks until Alabama’s new ASPIRE test. Are we ready?

I can’t answer that. I do know we have worked hard and we will continue to do so up until this year’s testing window. The test is just that. . .a test. It is important. It will give us valuable feedback. It will not be the end of the world. . .LOL!

I will continue to post links to games or lessons that I believe to be beneficial to students. These links cover Alabama’s new College Career Ready Standards. The following link covers Point of View / Author’s Perspective.

AL (RL.5.6): 5th grade students should know how a narrator’s or speaker’s point of view influences a story.

After the video lesson, you can go to this link to take on online quiz on author’s point of view.


This week’s HW:

Monday / Tuesday : Learning Log Sheets

Wednesday : Finish FINAL copy of Expository Essay

Thursday : This is TEST Day

Friday : Read for AR Points