20140226_151335In our journey to become a Leader in Me Lighthouse School, all of our halls have been named for a habit. Each grade level painted their “street sign” to proudly display their “street” name. The 5th grade hall is named Synergy Street. The 5th grade teachers and students have synergized to transform the hall into Wonderland.  Teachers are putting the finishing touches on the decorations, while students have decorated top hats and tea cups. Each top hat or tea cup has a writing assignment about the 7 Habits attached to the back.

Students have set new “WIGs” too.  A WIG is a Wildly Important Goal. Students have these goals written down and placed in their Leadership Binder. Many WIGs are based on improving Classworks scores, increasing AR points, or bringing up a certain grade average. The 5th grade students have learned a lot about tracking data by tracking their own progress on Classworks. This data is displayed in the hall as both a sense of pride and a reminder to work toward our grade level goals!

Mr. McKelvey has set a DES WIG for Friday, February 28th. Our WIG is to take 500 AR tests on this day. The students are reading, reading, reading. They can synergize by each student taking at least one AR test. If every student does their part, it will be a Win-Win for DES!