20140224_104301The transformation began today. Our 5th grade hall is becoming Wonderland!

Students began bringing in their Wonderland projects today. The boys decorated top hats and the girls decorated tea cups. On the back of each project the students completed a writing project about the 7 Habits. Each student chose one of the habits to write about and described how they put the habit to use in their own life. The projects are due Wednesday, February 26th. I can’t wait to see them all hanging in the hall!

My reading classes read “Jabberwocky” today. This is a poem by Lewis Carroll. In the poem, he uses a lot of nonsense and portmanteau words. Portmanteau are words made up from parts of two different words (Ex: breakfast + lunch + brunch). Small groups were given two words that they used to form a common portmanteau.

Students also determined the nonsense word “vorpal” to be an adjective in the poem. They determined this because it describes the blade or sword used by the boy to slay the Jabberwock. Small groups brainstormed other “real” adjectives that could be used to describe a sword.

As an exit slip, students had to provide text evidence that explains why the Jabberwock is so dangerous. This is a sample response:

The Jabberwock was dangerous. I know this because in the text the father warns the boy that it has “jaws that bite” and “claws that catch”.

What a fun day of learning!