20140210_112759Yes, that is right. I used Katy Perry’s music to review figurative language with my 5th graders. Why? I have used music lyric-based lessons several times in my reading and language class this year because my students respond with enthusiasm. They make true connections with the lesson. They learn because they are truly engaged with the lesson. I do it because it is fun!

The lesson started with a whole group review of various types of figurative language and poetic devices. Students then independently read the lyrics of the song. After the independent reading, I played the song while students read the lyrics again. Students identified examples of figurative language / poetic devices while listening. In whole group, the class analyzed portions of the lyrics, identified more examples, and discussed the overall theme of the lyrics. In cooperative learning groups, students responded through writing. Their responses formed a “Language through Lyrics” display for the 5th grade hall.

Good job class. . . ROAR on!







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