1546079_10201805769040929_1851490811_nI am the mother of three boys. We are an adventurous little family. Often times we will ride back country roads in search of lost treasures. By “lost treasures” I mean tiny, meandering creeks or abandoned structures that display a craftsmanship that is simply hard to find in today’s modern buildings. Today I noticed a building that I have not before. It is in the middle of a small town near our home.  The building is an old railroad depot. Although it is falling apart, it is still an exquisite example of creativity and craftsmanship. I began to imagine all of the “stories” that passed through this depot. Can you imagine if those walls could talk?

This all led me to think about the importance of writing. In 5th grade we do focus  a lot on writing. We never stop to talk about how important it is though. Imagine all of the wonderful stories and bits of knowledge that we would not have today if someone had not taken the time to write those things down. If there is an important story that has been passed down in your family, take the time to write it down. Don’t lose those precious memories to time.  Writing is important. After all, what are you reading right now? You are reading my writing!


HW Information for this week:

Monday – Bobsled Reading Passage

Tuesday – Luge & Skeleton Reading Passage

Wednesday – Begin FINAL Copy (from the narrative we started before the snow storm)

Thursday – Read for AR & Finish FINAL Copy

Friday – Read for AR

This is a video I posted for you last Thursday. It includes a challenge!