awareness_ribbonToday I taught one of the most important lessons I will ever teach. Today I taught about giving acts of kindess. . .just because we can.

I am blessed to have a student whose family lives and works at Camp ASCCA on our beautiful Lake Martin. The mother of this student sent me a link about a young man with Down Syndrome who loves to get mail. In fact, getting mail is the highlight of his day.

I shared his story with all of my classes today. I choked back tears every single time. We discussed some issues associated with Down Syndrome and the fact that we have students with Down Syndrome in our own school. I gave my class a mission. The mission was to fill up this young man’s mailbox with letters. They were ready!

These 5th graders were truly touched by this story. Students wrote things like:

“Your story inspired me!”

“Your story touched my heart!”

“I hope this letter brightens your day!”

“We are different in ways, but we are a lot alike. I like music and video games just like you.”

They get it! Sometimes it is hard for adults to see how this small act of kindness could actually be a BIG deal. I promise, it is a BIG deal to the young man who will receive these letters. It is a BIG deal for these 5th graders who learned that sometimes we give away simple acts of kindness. . .just because we can.

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