nano-groupAlabama’s new standards state that at least 50% of what students read in elementary should be informational text. As elementary educators, we should create learning environments where students access the world – science, social studies, the arts, and literature – through text. I try to seek out “high interest” text passages for my students. The students get much more out of the text when they are interested in the topic.

How much more “high interest” can you get than Apple and its amazing products?

I started the class by having groups discuss this question: What one tech company and which one of its products has revolutionized the music industry and the way we purchase/listen to music?

After groups shared their responses/ideas, we watched a mini-bio of Steve Jobs. It was great for students to see the humble beginnings of the mega-giant Apple. We connected that to last week’s close read about Martin Luther King Jr. We discussed the fact that both Martin Luther King Jr. and Steve Jobs had BIG dreams!

Students completed a close read text explaining how Apple’s iPod has impacted our lives, revolutionized the music industry, and taken over the world. . .LOL! It truly has. The iPod’s sales went from 125,000 to over 350 million in 13 years. That is the result of BIG dreams!20140113_151551