20131209_144335I promised in the last post to share more writing samples from our persuasive writing assignment last week. The following sample is from Terion H. from Dadeville Elementary School.

Santa needs to get in shape because he can’t fit down the chimney.  One reason Santa should exercise is because exercise helps you sleep better. Santa needs his sleep so he will be ready for Christmas Eve.  Exercise also makes you strong.  Santa needs to be strong to put presents on his back.  One last reason Santa should exercise is to help fight diabetes because Santa eats a lot of cookies and his sugar might be high.  These are a some reasons why Santa should exercise.

Santa should really listen up. These students are giving some great reasons why he should get in shape!

I would also like to extend a big CONGRATULATIONS to Peyton F. and Zoe H. These two students are part of the Top Flight Gymnastics Team that competed in Tuscaloosa this past weekend. These girls brought back some gold!

We are proud of our 5th grade leaders at DES!