20131206_121105I published a student writing sample at the end of last week. The sample was from our persuasive writing project. The assignment was to give reasons (use logic) to convince the reader that Santa needs to get in shape.

I am pleased to publish another sample. The paragraph below was written by Laken H. from Dadeville Elementary School. I hope these paragraphs bring a smile to your face. . .they do mine! (I will be sharing even more with you this week.)

Since Santa can’t fit down the chimney, he needs to get in shape.  One reason Santa needs to get in shape is it fights obesity, so then he can fit down the chimney. Exercise also keeps his bones healthy, so when he goes down the chimney his bones won’t break.  One last reason Santa needs to get in shape is because he will sleep better, so when he is delivering toys he won’t fall asleep on my couch!

Sounds logical to me! This short little assignment brought so much joy to our class. I look forward to sharing more with you this coming week.

Homework Assignments

Monday – Read Story

Tuesday – Grammar Page in Learning Log / Finish Sloppy Copy of Writing Assignment

Wednesday – Review Grammar / Study Learning Log Notes

Thursday – Finish Final Copy of Writing Assignment / Study for Test

Friday – Read for AR Points