ImageThe 5th grade students finished this week’s writing assignment. The assignment fit perfectly with incorporating Habit #7 (Sharpen the Saw) into the curriculum. Habit #7 teaches us to take care of our bodies as well as our minds. The assignment was to write a persuasive paragraph about Santa’s need to get in shape (Sharpen the Saw). It was a fun assignment!

The writing prompt was:

Santa’s been eating cookies all year long and has put on some extra pounds. He is too big to fit down a chimney. Write a paragraph to persuade Santa why he needs to get in shape this season.

I am pleased to publish the following paragraph written by Zoe V. from Dadeville Elementary School.


Since Santa can’t fit down the chimney he needs to get in shape.  One reason Santa should exercise is that exercise fights obesity. Santa already can’t fit down the chimney!  Exercise also makes you sleep better.  Santa needs his sleep because he has to deliver all the presents in one night. One last reason Santa should exercise is because we don’t want him to have to stop and check his blood sugar all the time so he can just deliver gifts. These are just a few reasons Santa needs to get in shape.


I told you it was a fun assignment. Can you tell we discussed the health benefits of exercise? Can you tell they have a classmate and a teacher with diabetes? Oh my, I am reading these and cracking up. Some of the students got quite creative with their logic about the reasons Santa should get in shape.  I will be sharing more in the days to come. Maybe these paragraphs will persuade us to “Sharpen the Saw” too!