20131203_101453This post is a sneak peek at what we are doing in Mrs. Wilson’s class.

Writing is an important part of 5th grade. We focus on using the steps of the writing process while composing expository, narrative, and persuasive forms of writing. We are focusing on writing a persuasive piece this week.

Persuasive writing is a type of writing that tries to convince the reader of an opinion or belief. One persuasive writing technique is logos. Logos is when the writer uses logic or facts to persuade the reader. The writer uses examples and facts to prove or back up an opinion or belief.

The class was given this writing prompt: Santa has been eating cookies all year and has put on some extra pounds. He is too big to fit down a chimney. Write to persuade Santa why he needs to get in shape.

The class brainstormed ideas about why people should exercise and stay in shape. The class used the brainstorm responses to draft a writing plan. Students then wrote their “sloppy copy”. Later in the week, students will edit, revise, and publish their final draft. I look forward to sharing some of their paragraphs with you!  (click on images below to enlarge)