20131118_112721As you know from my earlier posts, the class has recently finished a learning unit that featured the story “When Washington Crossed the Delaware.” This selection was accompanied by various informational texts associated with the Revolutionary War and its leaders. To extend learning, cooperative groups completed mini-research projects on assigned leaders. The groups compiled their research into a “Facebook Page” for their assigned leader.

The Alabama CCR Standards state that 5th graders should be able to:
Tell how people, events, ideas, or concepts are related (RI.5.3)
Understand science and social studies words (RI.5.4)
Put together ideas from different texts to talk about a topic (RI.5.9)
Write for different purposes, audiences, and topics (W.5.4)
Conduct short research projects (W.5.7)
Can use stories and nonfiction to research (W.5.9)

This fun project met those standards and a few more. The class enjoyed it! (Click on the samples below to enlarge.)