20131118_112010DES is serious about developing leaders. Our little school is working toward integrating the 7 Habits into the curriculum. Last week, our 5th graders wrote persuasive paragraphs. A persuasive paragraph has to convince the reader to agree with the author’s opinion. This was our first attempt at this form of writing. We took this opportunity to integrate the 7 Habits into our writing.

The class had been reading “When Washington Crossed the Delaware” and a series of informational texts about the Revolutionary War and its leaders. The assignment was to convince / persuade readers that George Washington was a great leader. Students had to identify habits that Washington used in his own life and provide evidence from the text to back up their claim.

This paragraph is from 5th grader Camden S. at Dadeville Elementary School.

George Washington was one of our great leaders. He was a general in the Revolutionary War. George Washington began with the end in mind. For instance, he planned a sneak attack on the Hessians. His battle plans led to the ultimate victory. George Washington also synergized. According to the text, George Washington and his troops had to load the cannons and fire arms. He had to work with his troops and convince them to serve longer in the war. He said he would pay them more and used their love for their country to convince them. George Washington was proactive. From the reading I know that Washington was proactive by learning about the military and studying with his brother, Lawrence. He made smart and great choices. These habits helped George Washington become a great leader.

Thank you, Camden S. . .I am convinced!