20131108_111720My 5th graders should be able to say:

I CAN read and understand 5th grade nonfiction. (RI.5.10)

I CAN quote accurately from a text. (RI.5.1)

I CAN put together ideas from different texts to talk about a topic. (RI.5.9)

I CAN conduct short research projects. (W.5.7)

I CAN use stories and nonfiction to research. (W.5.9)

I CAN write for different purposes, audiences, and topics. (W.5.4)

The DES 5th grade has been reading “When Washington Crossed the Delaware.” To extend our learning, cooperative groups were assigned a Revolutionary War leader to research. Students researched the leader individually and then brought their research to their learning group. Students will create Biography Facebook Pages for their assigned leader. The “page” will include fun facts, important people in the leader’s life, the leader’s hobbies or interests, an influential quote from the leader, and three important events listed in sequential order.

Classes just started their “pages” today. This project will not be completed until next week. I look forward to sharing the results of their work with you. This has been a fun and interesting twist on composing a biography!