I am pleased that I have the opportunity to give parents a peek at what happens in our classroom through this blog. This week I want to share how we incorporate the 7 habits into our curriculum and how we analyzed the main character from Hatchet by Gary Paulsen.

We seek to incorporate the 7 habits into our classroom procedures and curriculum every day. One way we have done this is to recognize moments in Hatchet when the main character’s actions exemplify one of the habits. When students recognize a habit, they are allowed to post it outside our classroom so that the habit can be shared with all of the students at DES.




We also analyzed the main character this week. Learning groups listed facts and traits about the character. The groups then detailed how the character has changed after his experience in the wilderness. The responses were even better than I had expected. Students recognized that the main character changed in many ways including developing a new respect for nature and maturing into a determined, self-reliant young man. If you have never read Hatchet, the 5th grade highly recommends it!