One of the reasons that I keep a classroom blog is to keep parents informed about homework and upcoming tests. The other reason that I keep a classroom blog is that I want parents to get a “peek” at what their child does in class.

How many times have you asked, “What did you do in class today?” I am a parent and the usual response that I get is, “Stuff”. I bet your child has given you a similar answer from time to time.

So here is a peek at what we did one day last week. Lessons are divided into 3 strategies: Before, During, and After. This is posted on the board and informs students of what strategies we will be using in class each day. On this particular day, these were our strategies:

Before – Splash Predictions (Learning groups are given 5 or 6 words that will be “splashed” throughout the text. Learning groups use those words to predict what they think will happen next in the text.)

During – Magnet Words (Students use index cards to list “magnet words” while reading the text. The words reflect the main idea and important details that they gathered as they read.)

After – Magnet Summaries (Students use the back of their index card to compose a short summary using the magnet words they gathered while reading the text. Summaries are turned in as they walk out of class for the teacher to check for understanding.)





I hope you enjoyed your “Parent Peek!”