Zoe H. is a fifth grade leader at DES.
Zoe H. is a fifth grade leader at DES.

The fifth grade at Dadeville Elementary School began the school year by reviewing the writing process.  They used the writing process steps to compose short paragraphs about leadership. I will share some of the students’ work with you from time to time on this site. The following short paragraph was written my Zoe H.

This is how to be a leader at DES. Leaders think win-win. I will help others to be better. Leaders work first, then play. I will do my homework first then play. Leaders synergize. I will work together with friends to be great at gymnastics. My goal is to be a leader at DES this school year. – by Zoe H.

These short paragraphs are a great way to build the writing foundation for fifth grade. By the end of the year, the fifth grade will have written newspaper articles, poetry, short stories, and even short essays.

Note to parents: I must have the technology permission sheets signed and returned before I can share a student’s work and/or picture. Please make sure to sign and return those forms. If you have any questions, my e-mail is mwilson@tallapoosak12.org .