Nathan shows off his new favorite app. . .Storia!

We have a new favorite app in our house! I discovered Storia by Scholastic to assist Nathan with his reading fluency and comprehension. Storia can be downloaded to your PC, iPad, iPod,etc. Thousands of eBooks can be downloaded for $3 – $5 each. Storia allows you to set up personalized “bookshelves” or set up your “shelves” by reading level for use in the classroom. This app also has learning games, a dictionary, read-to-me books, parent tools, and note taking abilities.

I have at least 50 educational apps on my iPad. This is hands down the best eBook app for kids I have found. You can download anything from picture books to the most popular new series for teens (The Hunger Games). Nathan and I hope you check out Storia and enjoy it as much as we have.

Happy Reading!