My youngest son has struggled with reading difficulties since he began his educational journey. He loves to learn, but is well below his grade level in reading. He has been blessed with a loving reading coach who loves and encourages him. He suffers through having a mommy who is an educator (not always fun). He keeps on smiling through it all.

At the end of his third grade year we decided it was time for a big step. He had displayed signs of dyslexia so we set him up for testing. My son is dyslexic.

This did not discourage him. This diagnosis is the answer we have been seeking. We can now devise a personal education plan for my sweet boy.

I am sharing this because I know there are many students just like my Nathan. They are bright, creative souls who struggle to read, spell, and write the simplest of words. It is frustrating. Dyslexic individuals “see” the world differently. They have a weakness that can become a great strength. When he was in first grade he drew a picture of him teaching with the caption “I want to be a teacher and teach people to read.”

That reminds me of Patricia Polacco. If you have not read her books then you are missing out on quite a treasure. My favorite is Thank you, Mr. Falker.

It is the story of one very special teacher who helped a little girl overcome Dyslexia and succeed beyond her wildest dreams. I once thought, “That’s the kind of teacher I want to be.” It still is, but now it is personal. Now I can say, “That’s the kind of mommy I want to be!” I hope one day my Nathan looks back on this journey and says, “Thank you, mommy!”

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