I have spent many hours working as a substitute in the public school system. I worked as a sub while completing my degree in Elementary Education. I have subbed for every grade level K-12. I am working now as a long-term substitute while a media specialist is on maternity leave with a sweet new baby boy. I stated all of that to validate my expertise on this subject (LOL). Here is my expert opinion:

Substitute teachers have a tough job!

Let me clarify that my current substitute position is amazing (thank you CMS), but I have had my share of not-so-amazing experiences. Webster’s defines substitute as, “A person or thing acting or serving in a place of another.” I would like to focus on the “serving” in place of another.

Substitute teachers are important. Teachers have real emergencies and need reliable people to serve in their absence. Serve? I know some of you are thinking serve what. . .serve who? We serve the future. Effective teachers serve a banquet of yummy knowledge to students each day. The substitute has to step in and try to serve up something that might be appetizing to the students. . .not an easy task.

If you are a teacher. . .be thankful for those wonderful substitutes who serve with gladness!

If you are a substitute. . .realize that you are serving the future. . .do your best to serve them something yummy!