Back to School with Snowflake Bentley

My children return to school in the morning after enjoying winter break. It is a hard transition to make, so why not capitalize on this winter break transition with a winter-themed lesson!

One of my favorite books is Snowflake Bentley by Jacqueline Briggs Martin. The book is a Caldecott Medal winner. The book is about Wilson Bentley. Wilson was often misunderstood in his day, but we can now appreciate the fullness of his work and discoveries. Wilson Bentley took pictures of snowflakes. His pictures revealed two important facts: no two snowflakes are alike and each one is beautiful! This book gives us insight into a man who not only had a scientist’s vision and determination, but also a clear passion for nature.

In the classroom, one can extend the use of this book by incorporating science and social studies. Students can learn about the properties of snow and the conditions for snow to be produced. This lesson could include the water cycle. Students can learn about scientific research and investigation. Students can also learn about Vermont and the Northeastern United States.

Happy reading and stay warm!