Building our vocabulary is important to increasing reading comprehension. You should study your vocabulary and spelling words each night. If you forgot your vocabulary list, here it is:

Vocabulary words – Student friendly definitions
1. deciphered – If you have figured out a message that is difficult to understand
or that is written in code, then you have deciphered it.
2. mistaken – If you are wrong about something, you are mistaken.
3. catastrophe – A catastrophe is something really terrible that has happened.
4. fortunate – If you are fortunate, you are very lucky.
5. translate – If you translate something, you say or write it in another language.
6. repairs – When something needs repairs, it needs to be fixed.
7. heaving – Heaving is throwing something heavy with great effort.
8. bothersome – When something is bothersome, it bothers you and causes
9. din – If there is a din, there is so much noise that it is hard to hear anything
over it.
10. dodging – When you are dodging something, you avoid something that is coming
toward you.