Christmas Games Online

Play Gardens of Time and other fun games online!

It may be Christmas break, but learning should never stop. A number of fun sites online offer free Christmas games. Take a look at the fun games offered by ABC Family (see link below). Enjoy your Christmas break!

Check out some of the fun Christmas trivia on the same ABC website. . .FUN STUFF!!!

It has been a long week. . .

It has been a long week for me. This is the first week without teaching. After being with my students during the internship, I know that I am right where I am supposed to be. Teaching is my passion. I am passionate about knowledge and providing my students with opportunities for excellence in their educational journeys. More importantly. . .I am passionate about my students.

I want to once again extend my sincere gratitude to the administration, staff, parents, and students of Dadeville Elementary School for welcoming me into their school. I was a wonderful experience!

I will continue to blog. I will be sharing links to interesting educational articles and learning games. I will not blog every day, but look for me to post a couple of times each week. I will be working as a substitute teacher until the end of the school year. I am excited about what the future holds!

-Misty Wilson

Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire.
William Butler Yeats

Writing Postcards and Saying “Goodbye”

The DES 3rd grade has been reading “A Pen Pal for Max.” The class has discussed friendly letters and postcards. On Friday, the class will write post cards to some special friends of our class who mailed postcards to us.

The Lesson 12 test will be on Monday. We will complete a study guide that the students will bring home to help them prepare. Students also need to study their spelling and vocabulary words.

Friday, December 9th will be my last day as an intern in the 3rd grade at DES. It is harder to say “goodbye” than I ever imagined. I will update my blog over the weekend and let you know how my last day went.

I do want to go ahead and thank you for allowing me to be a part of your child’s life and his/her educational journey. I extend my sincere gratitude to Mrs. Betsy Murray who welcomed me into her classroom and entrusted me to meet the learning needs of her students. I also wish to thank Mrs. Betty Gardner, Mrs. Kayla Claybrook, and Mrs. Jennifer Claybrook for their friendship and encouragement. My internship has been more than I ever imagined. DES will always hold a special place in my heart. Thank you!


Lesson 12 Vocabulary

Building our vocabulary is important to increasing reading comprehension. You should study your vocabulary and spelling words each night. If you forgot your vocabulary list, here it is:

Vocabulary words – Student friendly definitions
1. deciphered – If you have figured out a message that is difficult to understand
or that is written in code, then you have deciphered it.
2. mistaken – If you are wrong about something, you are mistaken.
3. catastrophe – A catastrophe is something really terrible that has happened.
4. fortunate – If you are fortunate, you are very lucky.
5. translate – If you translate something, you say or write it in another language.
6. repairs – When something needs repairs, it needs to be fixed.
7. heaving – Heaving is throwing something heavy with great effort.
8. bothersome – When something is bothersome, it bothers you and causes
9. din – If there is a din, there is so much noise that it is hard to hear anything
over it.
10. dodging – When you are dodging something, you avoid something that is coming
toward you.

Math Centers

Math games on the Nook Color.

It is a common practice to incorporate reading centers into the elementary curriculum. In the DES 3rd grade we have three reading centers: guided reading with the teacher; AR/technology; and the word works center. The students love our centers!

In the 3rd grade we have also incorporated centers into our math time. After whole group instruction and independent practice we move into center time. The centers vary from day-to-day depending upon the math concept we are focusing on. Today we had four math centers: Nook games; time flash cards; multiplication flash cards; and technology.

This is what the students did at each center:

Nook – students played a math game on the Nook Color

Time Flash Cards – students used flash cards to practice telling time

Flash cards still work!

Multiplication Flash Cards – students used flash cards to practice multiplication facts

Technology: Students played games on

Reading Lesson 12 & Multiplication

The DES 3rd grade completed their lesson 11 test today. We will begin lesson 12 Tuesday. This lesson is based on the story, “A Pen Pal for Max.'” This lesson will provide opportunities to look into cultural diversity and we will write post cards. It will be an enjoyable lesson!


Tonight everyone needs to write their 6,7, & 8 multiplication facts 3 times each. Begin to study because there will be a multiplication test on Friday (0-8).


Master Your Multiplication

This is just a reminder that we will have a multiplication test Friday on the 0-7 facts. I know that you are all ready to demonstrate how you have mastered your multiplication.

We will also finish our friendly letters on Friday. I can’t wait to read them all!

Looking ahead to Monday, we will have our Lesson 11 test on Monday. Make sure to study your spelling, vocabulary, and the study guide we completed in class.

Have a wonderful night!