Erial Campbell shows off our diagram about Stone Soup and the First Thanksgiving.

The class is on Day 4 of Lesson 9 (Stone Soup). Stone Soup has much in common with the very first Thanksgiving. Today the class completed a diagram showing the differences between the two and the common theme of sharing. They did an excellent job!

The DES third grade is still working on subtraction using regrouping. Remember: If there is more on the floor. . .go next door!

In Social Studies we are starting Chapter 4. This chapter covers explorers like Christopher Columbus. We we also be discussing Thanksgiving and the founding of our nation during the next few weeks.

DES 3rd Grade Homework:

Reading: Study Spelling, Vocabulary, and the Study Guide (the guide was completed in class today)

Math: Page 153-154 #1-27 (students were given 45 mins. to complete in class/they are to finish at home if they failed to do so in that time frame)


Lesson 9 Reading Test Wednesday

Multiplication Test (0-5) Thursday


We will be off Friday in honor of our veterans.