During my internship at DES I will use this blog to keep parents / guardians updated on what we are doing in class. Today we took our Lesson 8 Assessment in reading. On Wednesday we will begin a new lesson in our Story Town curriculum. The lesson is Lesson 9 / Stone Soup.

I will post a list of new spelling and vocabulary words for this lesson very soon. Your child will be bringing a list home. Students should read part of the story each day as well as study their spelling and vocabulary.

Tonight’s Homework:

(Students were given time to complete these assignments in class. If they did not finish, they were to finish the assignment for homework.)

  • Language / Grammar Page 85 #25-40
  • Math Page 148-149 #1-29 and Study Multiplication
  • Social Studies Worksheet
  • We will have a multiplication test on Friday (0-4 facts)

Thank you for the opportunity to be a part of your child’s educational journey!