What’s your name? Are you a teacher?”

I am several weeks into student teaching and I am still answering those questions in the hallways. The students in neighboring classrooms all want to know who this crazy lady is! The students in my 3rd grade class are excited to share, “That’s Mrs. Wilson. She is our intern!”

I am proud to be their intern. I have a classroom full of unique personalities, faces, and skill sets. The are all so very different. These little ones have one important thing in common. They are my students and I adore them. I desire the best for each of them. I delight when they have an “aha” moment. I comfort and encourage them through their educational struggles. I rejoice with them in their educational victories!

To answer the questions:

I am Mrs. Wilson. Yes, I am a teacher.

*I created this blog to chronicle my journey into the world of professional educators. I also hope to use this blog as a parental communication tool when I have my own class. I will be adding links for lesson plans and activity ideas. Check the blog for new links!